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Noah's sons.
Date: Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 5:55 pm


There are some stories about Noah in the Bible and we find Noah-like stories about Jamsheed (Yima) in the Avesta , Holy book of zartoshtians (Zoroastrians) , in the Epic of Gilgamesh and in Shaahnaameh (Book of the King) of Ferdowsi .
Avesta narrates an epic story that
Jamsheed/Yima saves some animals and humans...

According to the Bible , Noah had three sons , Japheth , Shem , Ham .

" Merriam Webster Dictionary :

I. Japheth : a son of¬ Noah¬ held¬ to be the¬ progenitor of the¬ Medes¬ and¬ Greeks.

II. Shem : the¬ eldest¬ son of¬ Noah¬ held¬ to be the progenitor¬ of the¬ Semitic¬ peoples.

III. Ham : ¬ a son of¬ Noah¬ held¬ to be the¬ progenitor of the¬ Egyptians,¬ Nubians, and¬ Canaanites. "

Now some contradictions :

- Medians were Aryan not Semitic people of middle west (Noah's location).
- Quran doesn't mention these sons and only mentions a son that didn't embark on the ship/Ark.

What is the truth about Noah's sons and their descendants according to reliable History ?