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Re: Hazrat Ayesha[RA] sister of Hazrat Abu Bakr[RA
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Monday, 11 September 2017, 5:37 am

Thanks for the correction. I apologize for that oversight on my part.[ The Epic Shia-Sunni book ]

“IMAM TABARI'S STRANGE CONFESSION: [838-923 CE, 224-310 AH, Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Jarir / ibn Rustam at-Tabari]

Paraphrasing Tabari: I am writing this book as I hear from the narrators. If anything sounds absurd, I should not be blamed or held accountable. The responsibility of all errors or blunders rests squarely on the shoulders of those who have narrated these stories to me.

So, Tabari wrote nothing but hearsay and whatever his flight of imagination told him.
Tabari's Tareekhil Umam Wal Mulook (The History of Nations and Kings) popularly called "Mother of All Histories" is the first ever "History of Islam" written by 'Imam' Tabari at the junction of the third and fourth century AH. He died in 310 AH, 3 centuries after the Prophet (S). What were his sources? Not a scrap of paper! "He told me this who heard it from him who heard it from so and so," and so on. By compiling his 13 volume History and his 30 volume Exposition of the Qur’an under royal patronage, he became the Super Imam. The later historians until this day have persisted in following the trails of the Super Imam.”

Re: Reviewing Tabari
By:*Dr. Shabbir, FLorida
Date: Thursday, 19 December 2013, 5:43 pm
In Response To: Reviewing Tabari (Muhammad Rafi Karachi)

Abbasid Caliphate : 132 AH[ 750 CE ]-608 AH [1258 CE ] Tabari 224-310 AH

“ The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books. its culture. its history. Then have somebody write new books. Manufacture a new culture . invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.”
Milan Kundera – Czech writer

How we solve this problem ?

Age in Marriage to Prophet Muhammad (s)

Historians mentioned different ages for Khadija (a), when she married Prophet Muhammad (s), from 25 to 46. Most of sources stated that Khadija (a) was 40 years old when she married the Prophet (s). Ibn al-Mas'udi accepted the possibility of other ages (than 40 years old) for Khadija (a) in her marriage with Muhammad (s). Analyzing the exact age of Khadija (a) at the time of her marriage with Prophet Muhammad (s) is difficult. If we consider that their marriage lasted for 25 years, from 15 years before bi'tha (593 CE) to 10 years after bi'tha (618 CE), and the age of Khadija (a) when she passed away was 65 or as al-Bayhaqi said 50; therefore, we can conclude that Khadija (a) was either 40 or 25 when she married Prophet Muhammad (s). If we consider the age of Khadija (a) 50, when she passed away, then she married Prophet (s) at the age of 25, which is accepted by some of the researchers. Since this statement is not common, its acceptance would seem difficult. However if we consider that al-Qasim, Khadija (a) and Prophet's son, had passed away after Bi'tha, it means Khadija (a) was 55 when al-Qasim was born, which is unacceptable and improbable. In addition, if we consider the situation and status of Khadija (a) among Quraysh, it seems improbable that she would not marry until 40 years old; therefore, she should not be more than 25 or 28 when she married Prophet Muhammad (s).

Source : http://en.wikishia.net/view/Khadija_bt._Khuwaylid

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