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Hurricane Irma on Sat & Sunday
By:Cypress Community, Florida
Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 2:31 pm

Greetings Neighbors, (Dr. Shabbir Ahmed & Family)



1) Prune Trees & Remove Fruit & Coconuts
2) Remove all furniture & loose objects from patio & yard.
3) Secure windows, doors and place towels on window sills & patio tracks,
4) Turn refrigerator to coldest setting to preserve food.
5) Take photos of house, each room inside & yard outside.
6) Gather House/Flood Insurance documents & digital camera and place in watertight plastic bag or box.
7) Secure food, water, medication, first aid supplies for 3-7 days.
8) For sanitation purposes, fill bath tub with water, to flush commode should city water become an issue.
9) Have a sturdy pair of work shoes, gloves, long sleeve shirts, pants, and needed supplies for after storm clean up.