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The Mulla's Islam
By:Syed Sadiq, Toronto
Date: Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 12:07 am
In Response To: What is my purpose in life? (R.Rudranarasimham, India/+Abroad)


.........Islam is based on Truth. Nothing but the Truth. Always uphold Truth in all matters of life (2:42,147,213 / 4:122,170 / 7:181 ). Hence we should avoid all type of falsehood, false promises, false oaths on all matters of our lives as it affects our IMAN and we will face Allah's Wrath on Judgement Day. Those who indulge in lies, bluffs, empty promises, fraud, corruption, bogus works with bogus billings to make money, 'bogus' refugees with bogus documents to obtain Canadian citizenship etc. will go to Hell. Neither their Hajj or Qurbani can bring relief to such liars as it is KUFR. Make sincere TAUBA and convert themselves again as TRUE Muslims. These liars have spoiled the image of Islam.

.........The Mullas successfully built a craze for repeated Hajj and mass Qurbani and even Hajj Badal for others prohibited by Allah as it is Fard on the living ones once in a life time subject to affordability. All this deviation and exploitation takes place because we lack Quranic knowledge and thus depend on Mullas for Guidance instead of Allah and HIS Holy Quran. That is why Allah prohibited priesthood (9:31,34 / 57:27) as all are equal before HIM. Hence follow Allah, HIS Quran and such Sahih Hadiths in the name of our Prophet which are according to Quran only.

.........The Mullas to impose their continued religious domination on us as our priests: Pope and Bishops, Gurus and Pundits, Monks etc., fool us that we Desi Muslims should worship Arabic language and Arabic Quran as Allah is also Arabic knowing only. They make a long DUA in Arabic which none of us understand. Boycott them and make your own DUA directly to your Creator, Allah after Namaz to avoid this Shirk. Allah has no associate/Wasila etc. to make DUA for us. Don't call any Mulla as Maulana which means associate to our Maula/Allah. This is sin and is never practiced in Arabia, Iran and even in Afghanistan where they are called Mulla.

.........The Hud Haraam commercial Mullas never ask us to read the translation of Quran to understand Islam correctly being a complete way of life (5:3) as it will end their religious domination on us. They force us to either learn Arabic to read and understand the Holy Quran which is a difficult and long process or else we should simply read and do HIFZ/memorization of Quran no where supported in the Quran at all. The Christians who were once backward and dependent on their priests started reading of translation of Bible to understand Chirstianity and today they are much advanced in education and knowledge, science and technology leaving us far behind and fighting each other along with various religious differences led by Mullas' religious groups and parties, cults, Pirs, Faqirs etc.

........The Arabic Quran was basically bestowed on our Arabic knowing Prophet to warn and guide the then deviated/Kafir Arabs to the Right Path of Allah (12:2/ 19:97/ 41:2,44/ 42:7/43:3). Arabic is the common language of the Arabs and contain as usual as in any other language good and bad words, songs and dances, belly dances, scoldings etc. But our Mullas deliberately term Arabic as the Holy language of Allah to kiss and worship it and to simply recite and memorize it. The Arabs: children and adults don't do it. They read it at home or in schools along with other subjects in Arabic language. There is no Madressah system in Arabia like ours to turn out Mulla generation.

.........These 'Hud Haraam' Mullas/Imams never preach particularly in their Juma Khitab all Quranic Mohekmath/specific Guidance (3:7) on all matters of life including simple and arranged marriages, pregnancy, child birth, avoiding women during menses, mediation in case of family quarrels, divorce extending up to three months not instant three times divorce against Quranic injunctions, love for parents and relatives, helping the poor and the needy etc.; Avoiding repeated Hajj and Hajj Badal which is against Quran as it is Fard on living ones once in a life time subject to affordability, Qurbani actually linked to Hajj performance subject to affordability, avoiding wastage of meat, avoiding excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals, Zina/adultery, homosexuality, child marriages, sins and evils, Shirk and Bidah, Pirs and Faqirs, Mazar worship of dead saints, Tawaiz, Gandaay, Jadoo, Tona, un Islamic customs and practices, un Islamic ceremonies etc.

All such specific Guidance /Mohekmath are covered in the Quran. Hence please read and understand the Holy Quran to follow it entirely instead of worshiping it and memorizing/HIFZ it to please the exploiting Mullas. The exploiting Mullas will go to Hell for adopting Islam as a money-making profession instead of voluntary/Fi Sabil Illah work to guide the deviated Desi Muslims. Our noble Prophet never adopted nor preached adopting Islam as a livelihood. Please circulate. The above write up has been approved by a sincere and honest Alim named Moulvi Syed Shah Aleem Hussain.


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