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By:Gulshan Alawi, UAE
Date: Sunday, 3 September 2017, 3:31 pm

Now for sure, it is proven we are in an era of anti-Christ-anti-GOD. The Bible and Islamic prophecies are coming true about the Dajjal-anti-Christ who will try and manipulate the believers to go against GOD and HIS Scriptural religions-Judaism-Christianity and Islam and misguide them to the opposite path of HIM.
Rev. Dr. Meredith knows it well and describes today's Christianity as 'Satan's counterfeit Christianity'. Similarly the cult of Agakhan is 'Satan's counterfeit Islam'.

Dajjal Agakhan's dream is coming true. He has been trying hard since years to stop Islam from public just like he has removed Islam from his followers, and not a word of Islam in the Jamat Khana temple, but only Hinduism.

Yet, talking about Islam from surface - in public only, celebrating Muslim Eid without even accepting Islam, and Quran. They have no idea what is this Eid about. It is like celebrating Christmas without even knowing Messiah Jesus (AS) and the Bible.

We the converts know his treacherous dirty tricks against Islam. He is also behind this Ban.

I bet David and all the Agakhani Imami jihadis are happy dancing and celebrating Khushiali.

But this is temporary, as nobody can win against Allah-Creator-GOD the Supreme Being. Who is the owner of HIS creation and HIS given Scriptural religion. HIS enemies will keep on trying their terrorism against HIM but will never win.

The Dajjalis can celebrate Jubilee every day for their Khuda-god give him homage in millions, who gives nothing in return but only takes:
and supporting him fight against Islam is a sin, but in the end they will fail. Pagans can never win.

Also lying about religions is a big sin. After rejecting Islam, pretending to be Muslim, using the fake ID, will be punished by the Higher Power for deceiving HIM and rejecting HIS religion.

Same with the fake Christians, who cannot win, which will be made clear when the Messiah Jesus (AS) re-appears and will fix all the fake Muslims and fake Christians. InshaaAllah.