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Crusades then and now
By:Mukesh Jiradi, Delhi
Date: Sunday, 3 September 2017, 3:16 pm

Cow worshippers supporting Zionists. They conveniently
forgot that they too are gentiles.

Euro crusaders occupied and plundered Jerusalem
for 70 years until Saladin liberated it and chased the
crusaders back to Europe. Those barbaric crusaders
massacred even the local christians. The church finally
apologized for crimes of crusaders albeit 1000 years late.

The colonialists pounced like vultures on the carcass of
Ottomans after WW and handed over Jerusalem to
Zionists. They may not be able to hold on to it
much more than the early crusaders. If they want to build
temple let them build it in Birobidzan in Russia, place
designated by former Soviets to settle Jews.