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Happy Waiting
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Thursday, 10 August 2017, 12:00 am
In Response To: ‘Imam Mehdi’ huge rally in Islamabad (Salma Sultan, Islamabad)

Khomeini’s Al-Hukumut-ul-Islamia:

“ As we have stated earlier, Khomeini’s Al-Hukumat-ul-Islamia, consisting of about 150
pages forms the religious and intellectual base of the Iranian Revolution. In it, Khomeini
has tried to establish that during the period of Ghaibat-e-Kubra (Major Absence) of the
Twelfth Imam(the awaited Mehdi) which has already continued for over a thousand
years, and in his own words, may further continue for thousands of years, it is the right,
duty and religious obligation of Fuqaha (i.e. Shia Mujtahids – religious directors) that as
vicegerents or deputies of Imam-I-Gha’ib (the Absent Imam) they should endeavour to
take over the reins of the government and if a competent person from among them rises
to led the struggle then in all social mattes and in all matters relating to government, it is
the bounden duty of all the other Mujtahids to obey him just as they would obey the
Imam, or rather, the Prophet.

On pages 18 of this book [ urdu ] , Khomeini writes: "More than thousand years have
elapsed since the disappearance of our Imam Mehdi and 100,000 [ 1 lac ] of years may
yet pass before expedience demands his appearance and, he may come (out)?".

My 2 ½ cents.[ 100,000 years wait is a very long wait ]
Imam Khomeini understood this fictional tale, but not saying it openly. This agrees with Dr. Saheb’s –HAPPY WAITING.

This is the spiritual and intellectual basis of Khomeini’s Revolution and his position is
not like that of any other revolutionary leader or head of State, but owing to the
fundamental Shi’ite doctrine of Imamate and the Major Absence of the last Imam and
the intervening institution of Wilayat-ul-Faqih till the reappearance of the latter,
Khomeini is the representative of the Twelfth Imam and the nominee of the holy Prophet
as his successor, and, as such, he is entitled to all loyalty and obedience that is due to
the Prophet and the Imam, and all the steps he takes are in the same capacity.”

. https://islamicbookslibrary.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/iranian-revolution-by-shaykh-muhammad-manzoor-ahmad-nomani-r-a/

Our Shia brothers call themselves Momin-fine and dandy. But Imam Mehdi will appear only when 40 momineen will be left on the earth. That’s not a good news.

Page 571 -14 Sitaray by Namul Hasan Karavi

3. Fear Of The Enemy-The reason of disappearance.

Imam Musa al-Kazim (as) said,
"The Qaem is the one who will purify the earth from the enemies of Allah, the High and the Mighty. And he will fill the earth will justice and equity just as it is filled with injustice and tyranny. He is the fifth of my descendants. He will go into occultation due to the fear of his own (life)."

Ref: Kamaaluddin vol.2 Pg.361. Kifayatul Asar Pg.265-266.

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