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Bangladesh education
By:Taj Hashmi, Dhaka
Date: Tuesday, 8 August 2017, 4:34 pm

An excellent piece Jalaluddin! I like your citing the accent (and contents!) of the quasi-educated President and Vice-President of the country, which is definitely not inspiring. I once posted on Facebook my harsh comments on the President's two Convocation speeches. He looked and sounded like a cheap comedian/clown, Hanif Sanket would have done much better! I have similar thoughts on the dreadful academic standard of all the universities in Bangladesh. The overnight switching to Bengali from English medium of instruction at the college level, and hiring of teachers mostly out of political considerations have virtually struck the last nails into the coffin of our higher education. I believe only Bengali language and literature can be taught in Bengali at college level. You need at least one European language or as alternatives Japanese, Mandarin, or Korean to do the job.

Anyway, I like your piece. Thanks for sharing it with all.

Taj Hashmi

The article was cut short by Dhaka Tribune by about 700 words. Moreover, in the process of truncating the original, a few grammatical mistakes also have occurred.