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Re: Science is Secular - Hoodbhoy
By:shahalam, TX
Date: Sunday, 6 August 2017, 5:51 pm
In Response To: Science is Secular - Hoodbhoy (Dr. Zia Shah, NY)

Science is not secular, it only obeys fixed laws and rules of God. It never changes its course. If it ever did, our worldly and material life would be difficult to live. The Divine ‘Deen’ is also like science based on strict rules of cause and effect.

Religion however is made different. It changes its understanding, meanings and the role according to the whims of human urges. Unfortunately, religion today has attained its various shades as part of its constituents what people like it. Some of human ideas about religion are mentioned below:

1. Prosperity Religion – Recite some verses, mantras to receive material blessings from God.
2. Self-centered Religion - Self-fulfillment rather than serving community and others.
3. Bully Religion - Intimidate others as heretic if from different clan.
4. Exclusive Religion - Personal Maslak is the only way towards God.
5. Anti-intellectual Religion – Moon can split. Disagrees that man ever landed on moon.
6. Gender Religion - One of the genders must be covered in black garb top to toe.
7. Fatalistic Religion - Belief that earthquakes are caused by watching TV and video.
8. Personal Religion - Religion is self fulfilment to enter heaven alone, nothing to do with society.
9. Violent Religion – Silence the opponents with whatever means.
10. Therapeutic Religion - Drink recited verses on water to cure pancreatic cancer.
11. Moon Religion - Fight if Eid is tomorrow or the day after.
12. Ritualistic Religion - Makes one free from obsessed guilt.
13. Sacrificial Religion – Pass on burden of responsibility to black goat.
14. Superstitious Religion - Means of livelihood for peers and shrines associates.
15. Sweet Religion – Importance of sweets and Halwaai in Shab-e Baraat and on other occasions. Without it most traditional Moulvis will fall flat.

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