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True concept of Prayer , Saum and Islamic economy.
By:Eli Grantworld
Date: Thursday, 3 August 2017, 6:30 pm

Salaam azizaan.

I'm one of the fans of Dr Shabbir Ahmed . I ask sometimes some questions because I want to be a real convinced muslim not a blind person.

Great books of Dr shabbir , G.A Parweez and comments of Ourbeacon friends helped me a lot.
Now I want to improve what I've learned


I. I know that salaat means the following divine laws closely.
Does Quranic salaat also include Namaaz as physical form of Salaat ? and we should perform it in this way today ? (Congregational one-Rak'at prayer like funeral namaaz in/at appointed time by Emir/authority)

Congregational Prayer of Ameer (Emir) and people was only a optional act or it is mandatory act for us ?

II. "Congregational prayer" means to follow God's commands and laws (of the Quran) idiomatically or it means ritualistic congregational prayer literally ? [QXP 5:6]

Was not Salaat congregation of prophet (4:102) a ritual prayer ?

III. Wudhu (or Ablution) will help prepare mentally for congregational prayer.
Prepare for "the ritual Prayer" or "assembly of the people in a public place for following the Divine laws" without any ritual ?

IV. And an important issue : God's laws are unchangeable , so we cannot change anything by praying of God for help.
"Prayer" or "Praying for help from God" in Quran means following God's commands to reach the best result , is it correct ?

V. Saum does not need to abstain from eating and drinking or Saum includes it ?

VI. I read Nezaame robubiyyat of Allame G.A Parweez , I'm a bit confused :
According to the Holy Quran , means of production , our wealth , even our house and our lives etc must belong to the Islamic state/Government , What exactly does that mean?!
Does this mean that we can not have anything personal? (Even our house and appliances inside it?)

Thanks again.

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True concept of Prayer , Saum and Islamic economy.
Eli Grantworld -- Thursday, 3 August 2017, 6:30 pm
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Imraan, England -- Friday, 4 August 2017, 2:57 pm