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Friendly challenge to Shia brothers and sisters
By:abdalaziz ariff / indiana
Date: Saturday, 29 July 2017, 11:10 pm

This post is not a theological discussion about Shia and Sunni. I have several female and male relatives married into Shia family. I call their off springs-SHUSHI.

From the age of 7 till 19, my both neighbors were Shia family, and we were family. My left neighbor was Uncle Syed Naqi saheb and my right neighbor was Uncle Syed Ali Jaffer saheb in East Pakistan, present Bangla Desh. My family fled to Karachi in 1971.

On the day of Ashura my father Late Zainul Abedin Ariff and myself will be glued to a radio in the evening , we did not have TV then.

We will hear live speech of Allama Rashid Turabi and then Late Syed Nasir Jehan [ Ghabraigi Zainab ], from Kharadar, Karachi.


My friendly challenge to my Shia brothers and sisters.

Who wrote Ghabraigi Zainab and when. Answer at the bottom.


Answers. Almost 150 plus years ago. He was a Hindu Brahmin and his name was Chhannu-Lal-dilgeer. He later became a Muslim.