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Imran Khan best among Pak Leaders
By:Syed Rahim, Mardan
Date: Saturday, 29 July 2017, 3:13 pm


The story of a tyrant leader is over in Pakistan. Imran Khan will Insha Allah take over as next ruler. But he should keep in mind that he is a Muslims. Nawaz Sharif, PPP always portrayed them as Hinduism loving and comrade.

Imran Khan is doing a very difficult job. All the organizations, media including Kamran Khan of Dunya news, Geo and powerful tools (well funded) are bent in protecting corruptions, Hinduism and destruction of Islamic values in Pakistan. Some are adamant to undo this country and are affiliated with Nawaz and PPP, Altaf and Akackzai, etc. We are in dire need of help of Allah Jallashanuh.

Pakistan is created in the name of Allah and only those rulers who will follow and serve Islam will become successful. Betraying Islam and its values means inviting the wrath of Allah Jalashanuh (May Allah Jallashanuh save us all, amen).

If Imran Khan carefully and discreetly implements Islam and Islamic values in Pakistan he is the king and no one will harm him.

Rulers will come and go but those who serve Islam will be remembered with respect Insha Allah.

Imran Khan can become a ruler like Salahuddin Ayyubi, Nooruddin Zangi, Mahmood Ghaznavi Insha Allah. I pray for his long life and success.