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"munkereen e hadees"
By:Khurshid Imam
Date: Friday, 21 July 2017, 10:37 pm

Assalam u alaikum Dr Shabbir sahb

Heard about you almost decade back and then wrapped you under the fold of "munkereen e hadees". Today i stand in a situation wherein people accuse me "munkereen e hadees" / "hadees rejector" etc because my views through blog, videos etc.

Anyway, commendable work you have done through your books. Especially shocking was the piety and righteousness of king faisal as you explained - because i used to bracket all saudi kings as "bad salafis". I was not aware of the greatness of King faisal until you explained.

But i dont see your you-tube channel very active and attracting people. Hardly thousands views on videos. I suggest to work on youtube channel and provide more information.

Islam of Quran must be brought into the market.