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Ayesha needs help....
By:Faraz Ashkar, Haiti
Date: Thursday, 20 July 2017, 3:08 pm

Salamun ‘alaykum ! [The Noble Quran , 6:54]

Ayesha is a 24 year old 'Quran alone Muslim' girl.

She believes that -

1) Nowhere is it written in the Quran that a Muslimah must cover her hair.
2) Verses of the Quran related to female modesty are too ambiguous.

She does not want to violate the limits set by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala regarding female modesty but she can't just figure out those limits . She has some questions in her mind and she desperately wants them answered unambiguously in the light of the Noble Quran . The question are as following -

1) Is it written anywhere in the Quran that an extra layer of clothing (like a shawl or dupatta) is needed to cover the bosom.Isn't a moderately fitting T-Shirt/Shirt enough.
2) Can she wear a pair of fitting trousers in front of Men other than her husband,father,brothers and brothers-in-law ?
3) Can she wear dresses like half-sleeved and sleevelss tops, shorts , knee-length skirts etc. ?
4) Is it wrong for a girl who believes in Quran only to try to look and smell attractive by applying heavy-makeup, having latest hairstyles and using strong deodrants ?

She is eagerly looking for a clear, unambiguous and detailed answer from a Quran-Alone Muslim (preferably a scholar). It will be a great honour for me as well her if that sholar will be Dr. Shabbir himself.

Thanking in anticipation,
Yours faithfully,
Faraz Ashkar.

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Ayesha needs help....
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