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Date: Sunday, 16 July 2017, 5:33 pm
In Response To: FOUR WIVES - NO (sahil)

Dear Sir,

At the moment we would opine before non-Muslims Jury concept of four wives from Quran ( for us it is Holy but for non-Muslims it is Book which should imparts logic for human benefit) . Irrespective, Holy Quran is guidance for whole humanity (including non-Muslims) then why not defend holy scripture’s human aspect!!!

Quran repeats - human will avail everlasting peace of Janna if he believe in Him/Hereafter and do Amal-Saliha (good deeds/results). The Author of the Book (holy Quran) is Most Intelligent entity (Allah) and his words or message is and should be logical. This Entity (Allah) has clarified that good words has to be like a tree 14:24 whose root are firm and which branch out to yield fruit – ( for humanity) . We intend our views on the basis of logical message of verses imparting for human benefit.

Since vowelling system (tashkil) of the Book is much after Prophet (sa) hence there is nothing adverse/non-sacred, if we link 4:3 to 4:2 which will make sense with righteous message. There is no answer to the question as to why only four in numbers. Why not five or nine. The Most Intelligent Entity will not leave un-intelligent escape-route which would affect half of humanity in form of woman (like Saudis) . And Allah has reiterated in Quran that it should be one-wife with justice and corroborated that you cannot do justice with more than one wife however you try. More than one, is options with conditions and not as indulgence and keeping others wives hanging (unQuranic concept).

4:2 (Asad) render unto the orphans their possessions, and do not substitute bad things [of your own] for the good things [that belong to them], and do not consume their possessions together with your own this, verily, is a great crime 4:3 ( And) if you have reason to fear that you might not act equitably towards orphans. ( full verse 4:2 and part 4:3) is referring to orphan ( not girl or boy) pertaining to their property and not marriage. And balance of 4:3 +4:4 is pertaining to marriage/dowry of woman – which is further linked to FATWA from Allah 4:127 about woman (4:127 appears to be only verse saying Orphan woman ) .

The Intelligent entity ( Allah) has given twice ‘TWO THREE FOUR’ phrase in his Book out of which nobody is sure if angels as messengers with two or three or four wings (35:1) . As human we know only birds are two wings. However, it has been deduced this number in 35:1 (Dr. Shabbir/Asad/YusufAli) to power of ALMIGHTY to add to creation or more than one function to make its closer meaning of multiplicity. In case of 4:3 we are clear of number up to four , but why not five or eleven – as some of our non-Quranic sources say prophet marriage up to 9-11 wives. Quran is clear about prophet (sa) multiple wives ( 33:50) with not specific numbers.

Quran emphasize Orphan’s needs to be protected their property till they mature (marriage age and or they understand finance – (dr. shabbir). Widows with or without children not necessary to be poor or venerable to get married. And marriage is an agreement in Islam unlike others hence it is no full-proof life-long security. That may be antiquated concept as the Allah has made and is making woman as powerful, capable as man.

Quran is guidance for all time to come hence this change has to be incorporated consciously.

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