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By:Dr Shabbir, Florida
Date: Sunday, 16 July 2017, 3:50 pm
In Response To: Fall of nations (Urdu) (Muhammad Rafi UK)

Rafi Bhai,

The Qur'an endorses your writing. "A GANG OF NINE LEADERS"

27:46 Saleh said, "O My people! Why do you hasten to commit evil instead of doing good? Why do you not (mend your ways and) seek the protecting forgiveness of God so that you may become worthy of His mercy?”

27:47 They answered, "We consider you, and your companions a bad omen for us." He said, "Your 'omen' is nothing but God's Law of Requital against your deeds. Clearly, you are going through testing circumstances (whether you reform or not)."

27:48 There was a gang of nine leaders in the city who spread disorder in the land, and blocked all reform.

27:49 They called a meeting and after swearing to one another in the name of God, said, “We will all ambush him and his family by night, and afterward we shall boldly say to his tribe, We know nothing about their death. And we are truthful.”

27:50 And so they devised an evil scheme. But Our ever-vigilant Law of Requital invariably has counter designs. And they perceived it not.

27:51 Then see the consequences of their plotting. We (Our Laws) annihilated them (the corrupt leaders) and their people, all of them. [The excuse of the masses that their leaders had led them astray would be of no avail. 14:21-22, 34:31-33, 37:25-33]

27:52 And now their dwellings are empty, ruined, as a result of their violation of human rights. Herein, is a sign for those who make use of what they learn.

27:53 And We saved those who chose to believe and lived righteously.

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