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Re: Baba Ji Allama Parwez
By:Kalim-Ullah Khan
Date: Saturday, 15 July 2017, 8:13 pm
In Response To: Baba Ji Allama Parwez (Omar Qazi s/o Qazi Kifayatullah, Pakistan)

I am a direct student of Babaji. I am now 89 living in Canada since Feb. 1959. I met Babaji in 1956 when he used to give DARSE QURA'N in Karachi. I was in the Air Force. I became very close to him. A short but very DEEP statement. If I had not him then; today I would nave been a non-Muslim. He taught the real Islam. Then I became friendly with marhoom ABDUL SATTAR EDHI. I try my best to follow the lessons of Baba-Ji and practical life of Br. Edhi. I quote one most important conversation. Before coming to Canada 1959) I went to Lahore for visiting him. My one question. "I have learned the real Islam, who, where when to star it" Answer " I am old. You are young. YOU START NOW." That billion dollar answer went deep into my heart Till today I am trying to practice it.
Kalim-Ullah Khan, MONTREAL Canada.

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