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Baba Ji Allama Parwez
By:Omar Qazi s/o Qazi Kifayatullah, Pakistan
Date: Saturday, 15 July 2017, 3:48 pm

92-4237490551 (better) / 92-3004335376 [died in 2015]

“People in Pakistan consider Dr Shabbir Ahmed as the rightful heir of Allama G.A.Parewaiz. Several people keep reprinting Dr Shabbir Ahmed’s English and Urdu books in different towns and no one issues a Fatwa agaist him. They love and respect him.

I am Fazil Deeniyaat, MA English, MA Philosophy, 98 E Sabza Zar Street Multan Road, Lahore, worked with Baba Jee for 25 years 1960-85. I am fluent in Arabic. Babajee was greedy, received 25-45% of the royalty on his books. He was not always truthful. He never worked alone. He was angered on questions. “I do not believe that he was close to Quaid-e-Azam.” LUGHAAT was written by others. Father Fazal Muhammad ran a TANGA horse cart in Batala. Chaudhry Raheem Bakhsh grandpa. Baba Jee’s brother, Muhammad Arif d.2006 lived with him all his life. He failed in film industry but Babajee opened for him an Islamic bookshop. Arif had 7-8 children.

THERE WAS “TEHREEK TAAMIR-E INSAANIAT” 1978-1992. Rich people intervened saying ECONOMICS must be excluded. Al-Meezan 1959-62 was trashed as GAP insisted on increase in royalty. He used to say, “Abdur Rab is my Haroon.”

Dr Abdul Wudood died in 2006. Babajee was in his clinic in a home environment, VIP Treatment, asthma, sciatica. Then spinal cord surgery, 17 days in a general hospital. Babajee used to scream loudly which was unbearable to other patients. Last lecture Nov 1984. Dr Bashir operated on him in LAHORE GENERAL HOSPITAL where he died. Babajee was given snake antivenom after an abdominal surgery in 1961.

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