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By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 15 July 2017, 2:21 pm
In Response To: FOUR WIVES - NO (sahil)

I do not think you will get far with the metaphor meaning of 2,3,4 so stick to the usual meaning that up to 4 wives are allowed. However, if we take the word nisa in 4:3 to mean weak members, then is this referring to those orphans who have not the means to marry, poor, etc, so someone should take responsibility to help GET THEM married, not marry THEM? This can be up to four, or according to your understanding of 2,3,4, this can be multiple orphans helped this way. If you cannot help lots, then at the very least help 1.

If nisa means women then look at when and how this can occur; the verse on multiple marriages is in the context of orphans in society which represents any situation where there are children that need looking after with their widowed mothers. 4:2 then 4:5-6 both speak about orphans so we cannot ignore this.

Marriage to another woman when the first is not aware of this is not doing justice.

Marrying for personal indulgence, ignoring the context of the ruling on 2,3 or 4th marriage is not doing justice to the Quran.

Sunnah of what Messenger left us must agree with the Quran, if it does not it was not a sunnah of the Messenger.

Default position is only 1 wife:

24:32 And marry the singles among you, (whether they are widowed, divorced or bachelors). They may marry the righteous among your male and female servants. If they are poor, God will enrich them with His bounty. God is of Infinite means, and He knows all things.

Multiple marriage conditional:

4:1 [The development of human personality can be easier achieved in a benevolent society (9:111, 16:71, 43:32, 59:9). In that situation, the individual and the society complement each other (14:34). At the outset, it is imperative to know that all people have a common origin, therefore, you must consider all mankind as one community. 10:19, 57:25]
O Mankind! Be mindful of your Lord Who began your creation from the creation of life at the unicellular level. There was one life cell and He created its mate, dividing the cell into two, male and female (6:99). [Evolution took place, as has been alluded to in this Book 16:8, 20:50, 21:30, 22:45, 30:20, 31:28, 51:49] Eventually, numerous men and women came into existence on the earth. Be careful of your duty to God in Whose Name you expect rights from one another, and you must strengthen your blood relations. God ever watches over you.
4:2 Orphans in the community are like your family members (33:5). Be vigilant in guarding their rights (4:127). Protect their property honestly, and give it to them when they have come of age. Do not exchange their valuables with your worthless items, nor consume their property by combining it with yours; doing such would be a grave offense.
4:3 If you fear that you (the society) shall not be able to do justice with the orphans, (as may happen in times of war and political turbulence, the government shall announce a state of Emergency), then, in order to accommodate widows and orphans, men of sound finances and character shall be encouraged to marry among these widows with mutual choice; two, three, and four (4:127). But, if you fear that you will not be able to deal justly, then, you must not take additional wives, and may continue with what you already have (4:129). This will be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice and face financial hardship. [Second marriage during peace time is a frank violation of the Qur’an – note ‘If you fear’ in the beginning]
4:4 Upon marriage, give women their marital gifts, a generous portion of your property, unless they forgo it voluntarily. In that case you are welcome to accept it as rightfully yours.
4:5 Do not let the immature manage their property that God has entrusted with you as guardians, until they are able to make sound financial decisions. Feed and clothe them decently, take care of all their needs, interact with them kindly and speak to them in a decent, recognized manner.
4:6 Train and educate the orphans well. When they reach the age of marriage, and attain sound judgment, release their property to them. The marriageable age shall mean attainment of physical and mental maturity when one can express free consent and make a solemn, legal contract (4:21). Do not consume their property, nor hastily spend it fearing that they will come of age. If the guardian is well off, let him claim no compensation for the management of the property. But, if he is poor he may have a just and reasonable compensation. When you are releasing the property to the orphans be sure to take witnesses. Remember that God is Competent in taking account.

4:127 (It is imperative to realize that women are no less a part of the society. Moreover, they are the custodians of the future generations like a garden that bears flowery plants 2:223.) They ask you to enlighten them further about the laws concerning women (O Prophet). Say, “God Himself enlightens you about the laws concerning them, and the Book which has been recited to you conveys the decree. You shall restore the rights of the orphaned women to whom you do not give what is ordained (as their due marital gifts) when you wish to marry them. And God decrees about helpless children, and your duty to treat orphans in a most kind manner. And whatever good you may do, God is ever Aware.” [You shall be especially kind to women who are widowed, orphaned, or left helpless for any reason. 2:83, 2:215, 2:240, 4:3, 8:41]

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