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Re: The Prophet’s Greatest Victory - A Peace Tre
By:Sidqi, ca
Date: Friday, 7 July 2017, 7:12 pm
In Response To: The Prophet’s Greatest Victory - A Peace Treaty (Dr. Zia Shah, NY)

On so called peace subject.

Presently muslim are generally taken as terrorists with few exceptions in countries. In the last 2 decades, especially after 9/11 it has become a hallmark, the most discussed issue in every western country.

there was a town hall meeting in N. Carolina from Senators John Mcaine and Lindsey Graham. On the topic of ISIS, Graham said clearly” we have to eliminate ISIS completely otherwise their God tells them in their holy book quran to kill us all.
The base of his statement what he heard generally is the Quranic command without context “ Kill Yahud o Nisara where ever you find them” ( Surah: ?) Now if it means what I think it means then he is right. But if its not the meaning, then what it is. This needs to be explained by some authority. No one is bothered about context, they just remember this line. Even Muslim wonder what it is.

Muslim have to live in this world with all and in this global village nothing can be covered, I saw a post on forum reg Mullah Khadim Hussain Rizvi and his verdict that Islam is not a religion of peace, muslim are supposed to convert others to islam or take tax(Jazia) or kill them ( same as late Dr. Israr too), crowd went frenzy. Stupidly yes.
Govt of Pakistan is not bothered about such extremisms and in most muslim countries too. They don’t touch mullahs for the sake of their own stability.
Back to the point of that quranic command, it’s the job of scholars to spread the true meaning or remain be named and treated as terrorists. Unfortunately literacy rate is not very high in muslim countries there fore mullahs are riding high.
In The last two decades, suicide bombers have created a total brutal view of islam, cant blame innocent people around the world.

Islam will not be known as religion of peace unless it is understood by the civilized world. Muslim will remain begging for assylums in west or getting killed by their own muslim or foreign powers. Syria, Iraq, Afghan, Yemen, Bosnia, Iran, Burma, India, Pakistan and Kashmir all are victim of current islam.
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