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Re: "I think therefore I am"
By:Yusuf, Texas
Date: Monday, 3 July 2017, 4:17 pm
In Response To: "I think therefore I am" (Rudranarasimham, US)

You are playing with one word, “consciousness” which has different meanings, in arriving at a conclusion, that you did.

You first wrote:
“Consciousness begins at Conception, and as the fertilized Egg Cell grows and develops into complex human organism, the structures that maintain and support consciousness of the entire organism get localized in Brain Stem, the area identified as Reticular Formation.”

This consciousness is the waking life (as that to which one returns after sleep, trance, or fever) in which one's normal mental powers are present. The condition of being conscious, the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you. Contrast this with unconsciousness, coma, sleep, etc.

And then you concluded:
“I ask readers to define terms used in their conversation. All living things, including all fundamentalists or terrorists and their victims, keep their existence with support from biological function called Consciousness. Hence, it is just the same. My Consciousness is not different from the Consciousness of man shooting and killing the dancer girl. My Consciousness is the same as that of dancer girl, and the woman charged with crime called blasphemy. My Consciousness is the same as that of Governor who was killed.”

This type of consciousness is characterized by one’s thought, awareness, volition, emotions, discerning right actions and its consequences from wrong actions and its consequences. This level of consciousness is found in people who come of age, and are matured and in sane mind. This consciousness is NOT the same in a victim that you will find in a terrorist! Good consciousness can never be equal to an evil consciousness.

The following verses in the Holy Qur’an describes a stark discernment between the good folks and the evil ones. The believing men and women, working together, do not deliver empty lectures. They enjoin virtue and forbid vice by personal example, knowing that the Qur’an is the Eternal Criterion of right and wrong. 2:185. ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’, ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ are not vague entities. The Qur’an clearly defines them in 2:177 and many other verses. In short, good is all that helps people and evil is all that hurts them.

38:28 Shall We treat those who believe and improve the society as We treat those who spread corruption in the land? Or shall We treat the guardians of the Law as the law-breakers?

38:29 This is a Scripture that We have revealed to you (O Prophet), full of lasting bliss that they may ponder at its Messages and that people of understanding may take them to heart.

This Qur'an is a Reminder that can give eminence to any nation that, consciously or unconsciously, follows its laws.

42:17 God is the One Who has revealed the Book setting forth the truth, and the Balance (that distinguishes right from wrong). And what will make you realize that the Hour (the ultimate recompense of actions) might be close?

42:18 Only those who deny it seek to hasten it. But the believers remain conscious of the Law of Requital knowing that it is the truth. Those who call the Hour in question have gone far astray. ['As you sow so shall you reap' resonates well with free will and the Law of Requital]

59:18 O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Be mindful of God and watch what you have invested for your own 'self' for tomorrow. Again, remain conscious of God. God is fully Aware of what you do.

65:5 That is the commandment of God that He reveals to you. Anyone who remains conscious of Divine Laws, He will absolve his faults and greatly increase his reward.

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