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Re: Ramadan
By:Kafil Tunsill
Date: Sunday, 11 June 2017, 12:08 am
In Response To: Re: Ramadan (shahalam, TX)

This is true and I understand your point of view. When it's all said and done, you're applying logic. So it always come down to understanding and logic.

I never said that Ramadan revolved around fasting from food and water, but rather fasting from food and water appeared to me to be apart of Saum. Just like prayer is a part of Salaat and not equivalent to Salaat itself. This is just my humble opinion and I could be wrong.

Like today for example. I'm fasting, but I'm also out and about running erranda and preparing to feed the needy. Because I've been fasting during Ramadan for the majority of my life, I would say a little over 20-22 years; my body is capable of enduring a lot. Because of observing Ramadan for so long, I'm able to work outside for 8 hours in 95-100 degree weather, come home, cook, and still have time to feed the needy. I also have pretty good eating habits and I'm extremly health conscious, so that might have something to donwith it as well. But I also have a lot of will power and I'm a very positive and optimistic person. Mind of matter is my motto.

Here is the definition from out of Lughut-ul-Quran -


Quranic Dictionary


The Quran has termed "siyaam" as compulsory (2:183). It means to abstain from morning till night from eating, drinking or having sex 92:187). These are the days of fasting during the month of Ramadan in which the Quran started being revealed. A man who is a resident (not traveling), and healthy (not sick) and his physique is such that fasting does not make him suffer, then "siyaam" is a must for him (2:184), but he who suffers during fasting should instead feed a needy (2:184).

Fasting is actually a sort of military training for making the momineen capable of bearing the difficulties of jihad, which is the struggle for establishing Allah's way of life.

The Quran has itself said:

2:183 - So that you become capable of looking after the laws of Allah

2:185 - so that you can establish the laws of Allah as given in the Quran and replace the system based on man made laws

2:185 - so that your efforts can produce full results

"saa'imun": one who abstains from the wrong path, or one who fasts (33:35), or one who controls himself, and one who stays within the limits defined by the Quran. The Quran explains the purpose of its injunctions and in the case of fasting it declares that the purpose is to become righteous as defined in the Quran e.g. (2:183, 2:177, 23:1-9, 17:31-39). At an individual level one should asses the level of self-development on the first of Ramadan and then asses that after completion of the training through fasting what improvements have been made in the personality. The Quran recognizes the difficulty of keeping fast and emphasis's its importance through the effects it will have on the character development. Therefore it is important to understand the reason behind this value to get maximum benefit and not to follow it as a mere ritual as the alter will not contribute to any improvement despite fasting and remaining hungry/thirsty will result in no self-development.

This the meaning from the Quranic dictionary, I agree with it.

If you can train your body to stay away from what is permissible, then you should be able to stay away from the haram.

One of the biggest problem I see is people don't truly understand the purpose of life and are currently living in their own hell and they don't know how to properly establish salaat in this corrupt society. At the end of the day, only the sincere will be guided to the truth.

To me saum is something which helps prepare indiciduals on the collective level to bring about reform. Staying away from what is halal makes you appreciate it more only if you're a person in a constant state of reflection and all of your thoughts are geared towards serving Allah by serving humanity. It helps you to only take what you need and give all that is surplus. This worls is but a breif enjoyment and the herefter is our true destination.

One of the major problems in this world is people are controlled by their desires. Some people will harm others just to fulfill a desire. Hunger and thirst is a natural consequence from not eating or drinking, but it's also a desire.

Fasting from food and water can help you yo learn how to endure times when you aren't able to eat. It'll help you be more compassionate towards the needy. If you're sincere, I'm sure one can think of many benefits from fasting. But if all you're during is fasting from food and water and not having sex during the day, I don't think you'll do any growing. In order to truly benefit from something, you have to have a good understanding of why you're doing it and you must be sincere. Most people do things for show and not grow their "self". Everything I do, it's because I'm trying to acheive my highest potential and I genuinely love serving humanity. By being sincere throughout my life and doimg right by people Allah has blessed me and strengthened me with His angels; courage, compassion, patience, wisdom, love, optimism, ect.

I see the good in it because of my life experiences. So, I can't promise that someone else will see or feel the way I do because I don't know how they lived their life.

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