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Re: Questions on the Qur'an
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Saturday, 3 June 2017, 1:55 pm
In Response To: Questions on the Qur'an (Mohammad Hadi-Abdullah)

Dr Shabbir has repetitive strain syndrome in his fingers so allow me to answer. This is my personal opinion and you may accept whatever you think is applicable to you.

The Quran says only follow Quran so you are on the right path, as ordained by Allah in His Book.

What makes sense to you? After you have studied a topic, salat for instance, looked at its root, how to understand words derived from this same root, then a picture should emerge in your mind about what it means. You do not need to know Arabic, just look at multiple translations, study ‘scholars’ who are intellectuals and who do not try mix the truth of the Quran with the falsehood of hadith, traditions, culture etc.

“Contact prayers” is a nonsense as the only way to make ‘contact’ with Allah is to study His Book and do what He says. If ‘contact’ means head on ground, then this will be all you achieve, head on ground.

Brother, the people who knew the most honest, decent respected member of their society, the Arabs of the Messenger’s time, mostly rejected the Quran and they spoke the same language. The present day Saudis have their own self-interest to look after just like the Abu Lahabs of that time, so self-interest overrules the common good and walking on the straight path.

Marry the Muslima if she is a decent person and you have some interests in common. Do not try to force your opinions on her but gentle nudges here and there to get her thinking about what to believe when she has been brought up on a diet of a foreign influenced pseudo islam is the best way forward. You never know, she may become a better TRUE SUBMITTER to Allah than us all. If you are on the right path it is an Islamic obligation to help others to do so as well.

Remember to send photos of wedding!

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