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Memorial Day 2017
By:Manzoor Memon, NJ
Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017, 3:09 pm


My Friends,Tomorrow is the Memorial Day in the United States. This is the day when we go out to cemeteries and pay tribute to our fallen Heroes who fought for our American values and freedom. On this day, I recall the great memories of my colleagues who gave an ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. These young men and women who Iate with each and every day are no longer with us. May God Bless their soul.The United States Military is the only military in the world that has service members from all religions,cultures and genders. The brave men and women stand up for what is right, he is the example of my brother-in-arms Ricky who gave his life in Portland. Freedom isn’t free, it costs lives and those who volunteer to serve are our heroes.Regardless of what American government policies are; we like it or not but remember this is the ONLY country that still fosters inclusive environment. We left our birthplaces to come and integrate in this society; we didn’t call ourselves “Mohajirs” but adopted the law of the land and loved the welcoming culture.Many of us are contributing towards the growth of America on regular basis and we certainly are proud of it.Everyone has the right to express his or her views against government policies or politicians. I did the same before last year’s election. Here what I said: Muslim Soldier. But there is no question about we being Americans first. For those who have issues with the country,they need to go back to their homelands. This is not the place for them, take your hate to your home!I want to reiterate that America is our adopted Homeland and its our responsibility to integrate, serve our country and be THANKFUL of what we have. I’m honored to be living in the neighborhood where I see all colors, religions and races.Also, I do plan to share my Eid Meal with local Fire Department and Police and I urge everyone to do the same, let’s show the world that we are part of this society.Here are the faces of few MUSLIM HEROES who gave their lives for our freedom, we all are indebted for their sacrifices:

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