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India needs Pakistan
By:Muhammad Rafi. Canada
Date: Saturday, 27 May 2017, 9:12 pm

"India needs Pakistan as the enemy if it is to stay together" - K Hussan Zia, author of “Pakistan: Roots, Perspective and Genesis” and “Muslims and the West: A Muslim Perspective”

“There is a reality about India that is generally not appreciated. Internally it is an unholy mess. The administrative set up that kept the country together under the British is now in tatters. By some estimates government writ no longer prevails in 40 per cent of India where Naxalites and other such outfits hold sway. More than that, her regional diversity made worse by such ruthless actions as the killing of hundreds of thousands of Sikhs and Kashmiris is taking its toll in pulling the country apart. Add to all this the fact that two thirds of its 1.3 billion population lives below the poverty line and you have a powder keg ready to explode.

"The only way Mr Modi can buy some time is by using the tested method of keeping the attention of the people diverted towards an outside threat. For that purpose Pakistan must be the obvious choice. India needs Pakistan as the enemy if it is to stay together.

"Mr Modi, like his predecessors, will gladly accept whatever concessions Pakistan may make but the basic situation will not change. We also must remember that Mr Modi owes his success to his Hindu communalist agenda. There are seven million trained RSS cadres totally committed to ‘purifying’ India. They see Muslims, Christians and even Sikhs as an abomination. Modi has neither a way of ignoring this nor probably any desire to do so either.

"We must not entertain any unrealistic hopes. There is rough weather lying ahead. It is time to batten down hatches and prepare for the worse to come. This will save us from nasty surprises that may be in store otherwise.”

Via Adnan Asad