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1933 Germany vs. 2009 Israel
By:Amayreh & Khalid, Jordan
Date: Monday, 22 May 2017, 2:28 pm

1933 Germany vs. 2009 Israel (IslamOnline)

I found this article "IslamOnline" when browsing for Israel Election status from Palestine news website. "1933 Germany vs. 2009 Israel" is the title of the news by Khalid Amayreh. Hitler's way of administration has been put in common with Israel recent estbalished leaders. Few comments including using nuclear weapon in Gaza & racist views by Israel leader has been quoted. Maybe some Israel folks can comment upon gone thru the news posted below?

1933 Germany vs. 2009 Israel
By Khalid Amayreh (Journalist — Occupied Palestine)

Editor's note: The rise of the rightwing in Israel through the recent Knesset elections that was preceded by the bloody war on Gaza — which left more than 1,300 dead most of them are women and children — has aroused a lot of criticism among Palestinians. Khalid Amayreh opines about the rise of Lieberman.

In the early 1930s, many in Germany saw the Nazis as the wave for the future. Thousands of new members joined the Nazi party, giving absolute allegiance to the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler. In the spring of 1932, with six million unemployed, chaos in Berlin, starvation and ruin as well as the threat of Marxism, and a very uncertain future, the masses turned to Hitler by the millions.

In the German presidential elections, which took place on March 13, 1932, Hitler received over 11 million votes or 30 percent of the total. His opponent, President Hindenburg, received more than 18 million votes or 49 percent.

With Hindenburg failing to get the absolute majority he needed, Hitler seized the opportunity and immediately embarked on a frantic campaign, arousing national feelings and promising something for everyone. In the Third Reich, he said, every German girl would find a husband.

Eventually, on a dark, rainy Sunday, April 10, 1932, the people voted, giving Hitler nearly 13.5 million votes, or 36 percent of the total, with Hindenburg receiving 19.3 million votes. After some political changes, in January 1933, Hitler took the reins of the German republic, being appointed as Chancellor.

We all know the rest of the story.

Now, a similar story is being worked out in Israel, with Nazi-minded Israeli leaders, triumphing in the recent elections which came at the heel of a genocidal blitzkrieg that destroyed the bulk of the Gaza Strip and killed and maimed thousands of innocent Palestinians, including hundreds of children.

Towards Full-fledged Fascism
The outcome of the elections, which took place on February 10, proves beyond doubt that the Israeli Jewish society is drifting toward full-fledged fascism.
True, Zionism has always been inherently fascist since it embodies racism in its ugliest forms. However, the new breed of Zionist leaders are quite unapologetic about their genocidal propensities.

Take for example, Avigdor Lieberman, the "main surprise," of the recent elections. This is a man who really has much in common with Adolph Hitler. He is ambitious, calculating, and very manipulative. He is also racist to the core, anti-democratic, and especially genocidal in his views and political thoughts. He combines the ruthlessness of Joseph Stalin and the jingoism of the Nazi Fuhrer.

During the recent murderous onslaught on Gaza, Lieberman proposed dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza. He was not speaking facetiously; he says what he means and he means what he says.

Lieberman's other ideas include flooding Egypt by bombing the Aswan Dam, blanket-bombing Palestinian population centers, throwing thousands of Palestinian prisoners into the Dead Sea, and destroying Tehran with nuclear bombs.

Now Lieberman, whose manifestly fascist party has become the third largest in Israel, is the rising star of Israeli politics very much as Adolph Hitler was the rising star of German politics in the late 1920s and 1930s.

And as German political leaders sought to endear themselves to Hitler, most Israeli politicians on the right and left (the Israeli left is actually more right-wing than the most right-wing party in the Western world) are now currying favor with Lieberman and imploring him to join them in a coalition government.

But Lieberman's ambitions go far beyond becoming merely an important component of the Israeli political system. His eyes are focused on one thing: Becoming leader of Israel.

Not the Black Sheep of Israeli Politics
Despite his repulsive notoriety, Lieberman is not really the black sheep of Israeli politics. In fact, Lieberman, notwithstanding his Nazi propensity, the former Moldovan immigrant may be considered "moderate" when compared against a plethora of other fascist parties in Israel such as Ichud Leumi (National Union), Habayit Hayehudi (the Jewish Home) which advocates or stops short of advocating biblical-style genocidal annihilation of all Palestinians "because God says so."
However, Lieberman's pubic appeal and ability to arouse the rabble makes him far more dangerous than any other political party in Israel. He is a man who is capable of leading Israelis to the same destination that Adolph Hitler took Germans to nearly 80 years ago.

But, unlike the Germans, many of whom did not really know where they were being led to, most Israelis seem quite aware that fascism, or more correctly, Jewish Nazism, represents the modus operandi in Israel today.

On Thursday, February 12, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz quoted Rabi Dr. Michael Ben-Ari as saying that the outcome of the Israeli elections proved that Israelis in general accepted the racist views of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

"Rabbi Kahane made long inroads and I think the Israeli public in these elections gave an unequivocal answer as to where it is turning," Ben-Ari said in an interview with Galli Tzahal, the Israeli Army Radio.

Kahane advocated the genocidal ethnic cleansing of non-Jews in Israel-Palestine. He put his evil ideas into a book entitled "They Must Go."

Ben-Ari, a self-confessed Kahane disciple, had declared that Palestinians in Israel-Palestine should be expelled to places like Venezuela and Turkey.

He declared that he would want to be Interior Security Minister, presumably in order to ethnically cleanse non-Jews in Israel.

"Someone has to create order with regard to a few matters!!. And I wouldn't object to filling those shoes."

Committing the Unthinkable
The gloomy portents coming from Israel these days must be taken seriously, or else humanity would allow the repetition of the events that led to the massive atrocities of the Second World War.
The criminal, psychotic, and megalomaniac political class in Israel is simply capable of committing the unthinkable.

They are armed to the teeth, nearly immune from external pressure, and firmly confide
nt that the Jewish lobby or lobbies is in tight control of America from California to New York and that all America's leaders, from Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama are deep in the Jewish pockets.

Hence, the world must not allow this menacing bellicosity to go unchecked.

I know that some of those languishing under the influence of Zionist hasbara, especially in Europe and North America, may dismiss my warnings as far-fetched or highly exaggerated.

Well, those I want to ask a simple question: Who would have thought in 1933 that Hitler would ever do what he did?
Khalid Amayreh is a journalist living in Palestine. He obtained his MA in journalism from the University of Southern Illinois in 1983. Since the 1990s, Mr. Amayreh has been working and writing for several news outlets among which is Aljazeera.net, Al-Ahram Weekly, Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), and Middle East International. He can be reached through politics.indepth@iolteam.com.