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Re: Does Muslim Prayer Come From Zoroastrianism?
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Monday, 22 May 2017, 8:26 am
In Response To: Does Muslim Prayer Come From Zoroastrianism? (Yazdi Sidhwa, India)

Shabir Ally goes back to the Bible to justify five times namaz, he mentions Zoroaster might have been a messenger so if they do it then we can be fine with this, but he does not mention that according to the Quran we should judge what everyone believes, including us, by the Quran! Nice 'muslim'!

According to the Quran we do not have five times namaz, prayers but we have salat. Salat is not the ritualized prayers we see done five times a day by zoroastrians, Jews [3 times] and muslims since there are no instructions in the Quran to do salat this way. Close study of the root and subsequent words derived from this reveal that it has everything to do with following what Allah wants you to follow; His commands, values and principles in every aspect of our lives from dawn till dusk, i.e our waking life.

Muslims took over the Zoroastrian Persian empire, got influenced by them, in the same way the Jews did when they were in Babylonian captivity by them, and helped turn us away from the pure understanding of the Quran to this day, as noted by some who still hold onto practices not in the Quran but done by them [night of destiny,etc.]

What about those scales? A good example of an idea is universal and Allah uses whatever He wants to use. If it is in Zoroastrianism and the Quran, then we accept the Quran and what it says, and acknowledge one truth in Zoroastrianism as WE JUDGE THIS FROM THE QURAN. Shabir tries to suggest that we cannot reject five times namaz, zoroastrian, because the Quran mentions scales of justice so reject one, we have to reject all, hence the Quran. He fails to judge from the Quran!

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