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"Life is a bitch and then you die."
By:Naseema Khan, Paris
Date: Sunday, 21 May 2017, 9:52 pm

Many have requested from time to time, that this religious discussion is too intense, and they want to be taken out of this group. I have, checked their emails, they are not here.

Some one should manage these emails - take those out, who do not want to stay in.

I hope everyone listened to Trump's speech in a Saudia today. He is trying to find some common ground, in three major monotheistic religions, some hope for the youth, and elimination of extremism, and terrorism.

I do not like to repeat myself, just to prove a point. It was good, that Iran elected a moderate, who wants to take the economy forward, and build better relations with west, which is the place to live in.

If Jimmy is less intense that shall help. I have been reading Jimmy's glass shattering criticism, of Islam, not of other religions, but he has not offer any alternates.

A lot of the well known actors are Christian scientists, I have some idea about this, but have not studied it well enough.

I find Jimmy's explanation of Agha Khan's, contribution to be pretty sensible.

Looks like this is a Shia leaning group. I am a Sunni, how you got hold of me, beats me. You do try my patience from time to time, with your language, and many times repeating ideas, that are very elementary, and well known, comes close to a food fight, looks like some have studied the differences, usually negative, and sexual, type, in other people's religion very thoroughly.

I received five emails form Jimmy regarding this email.

There shall always be religion, but if a religion does not help you live a more principled life, it is not worth much.

It appears, that Pakistanis can usually talk about religion, and not going to Mars, finding other planet that have water, or of latest in medicine.

I have been away for 46 years. I am glad it is almost over for me.

Life is a bitch and then you die - sticker on a car.