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Shias play tricks about Mutah
By:Arif Humayun, NY
Date: Sunday, 21 May 2017, 9:13 am
In Response To: The Gender Obsessed West (Asif Haroon, Larkana)

Shias always play tricks about Muta.

From human being point of view there are two type of things, one towards which human being has natural attraction and others towards which he has no attraction but he is compelled to do that. The things are Wajib because if those will not be Wajib human being will not usually do that. Business has attraction for human being, so there must be some rules to make certain business impermissible and rest will have attraction for human being and they will by nature try to go for it. Same is the case with “Intersex attraction”. It is a natural thing, so if a thing is not impermissible the human being will for sure go for it except some countfull may not do that because they could not get chance or they are living among Sunni Muslims who has modesty and chastity in them.

So making Muta permissible is all what could be done. You will hardly find any shia and their women who has not done Muta, their parents know or not. But you can find lot of Shia who don’t offer prayer while it is Wajib.


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