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Hanafi law
By:Aleem Faizi, UP, India
Date: Thursday, 18 May 2017, 8:38 pm

Researcher accuses Muslim panel of contemplating Islam only through
prism of Hanafi law

Mumbai: A. Faizur Rahman, an Independent Researcher and Secretary
General of the Chennai-based Islamic Forum for the Promotion of
Moderate Thought, has accused the All India Muslim Personal Law Board
(AIMPLB) of being unaccomdating and blindly advocating the Hanafi
viewpoint that validates triple talaq, although it has no basis in the

- See more at: http://ummid.com/news/2017/May/18.05.2017/faizur-rahman-accuses-muslim-panel-of-blindly-following-hanafi-maslak.html