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Chapter 39 Crowds
By:Ehsun Chowtawala, Bangkok
Date: Sunday, 14 May 2017, 1:24 pm


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Surely, Allah does not guide anyone who is liar, highly infidel. (3)

Can the one who worships during the hours of night, prostrating himself and standing, fearing the Hereafter and having hopes in his Lord’s mercy? Say, “Can those who know and those who do not know become equal?” It is only the people of understanding who are receptive of the advice. (9)
Certainly those who observe patience will be given their reward in full without measure. (10)
Who listen to what is said, then, follow the best of it. Those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones who possess understanding. (18)

And We have cited for people all sorts of examples in this Qur’an, so that they may receive the message (27)
And whomsoever Allah gives guidance, for him there is no one to misguide. Is it not that Allah is Mighty, Powerful to avenge? (37)
We have sent down to you the Book for the people with truth. So, whoever follows the guidance, it is for his own good, and whoever goes astray, he will go astray only to his own detriment - and you are not responsible for them. (41)

Turn passionately towards your Lord, and submit to Him before the punishment comes to you, after which you will not be helped. (54) And follow the best of what has been sent down to you from your Lord before the punishment comes to you suddenly when you do not even expect, (55)Taught 1400 years ago.
Do we want to succeed in both the worlds; here and the hereafter? If yes, then we must pray the morning prayer in the Mosque like we do every Friday. Success will follow in all walks of life and we would become the lead hands. As quoted by a non-Muslim if the Muslims' attendance in the morning prayer becomes like Friday prayer, they would become the leaders.

We must remember that the key to freedom is never given away freely , it has to be searched for and worked for. In the prison of this world, we can acquired real freedom by praying the morning prayer in the Mosque which is the master key to the doors of freedom. The key is right there, readily available to us but we choose to keep ourselves imprisoned.

This Book has no doubt in it - a guidance for the God-fearing, (2:2)

God Bless us all
SUNDAY MAY 14, 2017
SHABAN 18, 1438