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By:Naseema Khan, Paris
Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 3:09 pm

Weapons are sold, because countries buy them - all India and Pakistan have to do is to sign a 50 Year No War Pact, or ask UN to grantee their safety, and spend the money thus saved on social programs.

US told Germany and Japan, that they can't have standing armies, look at their economies.

There have always been about 200 skirmishes going on in the world, per Hillary.

Many times, US has been accused of not helping in time, Bosnia, Rawanda, US can't help with each fight.

American mothers do not want their kids to die in other peoples wars.

Muslims are taking a hard look at themselves - it is present times, and history, has nothing to do with Religion.

All religions tell you to live and let live, and use force only, if you have too - Kali Devi, Jehaid.

Many times people just waste your time, by repeating the same arguments for years - Shia / Sunni

And in this Chat Room, some, 1-2, use very foul language - how hard is it to get rid of them?
Very easy.

That is why, I have always asked new comers to share their Career Tracks, so that I can put their Comments in some Perspective.
I like the Connectivity of Internet, I do not like the Attitude, that now that I have a Key Board, I mus say something.
If you have nothing new, sensible, or useful to say, just read the email, delete it, and yell at your wife, or kick your dog.

I have started writing in Army Style, not correct Queen's English, just for emphasis.