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Re: No compulsion in Islam
Date: Sunday, 7 May 2017, 6:33 pm
In Response To: No compulsion in Islam (Javed Chaudhry, Pakistan)

Chaudhry sahib u r absolutelyright---"No compulsion in Islam".But u have wrongly stated that"The muslims ruled India for almost a1000 years."No brother,they were not muslims.Most of them were an ugly botch to disfame Islam.Almost all of them were power-hungry & land grabers.Afew of them follow Queranic teachings to rule over their subjects.As far as,current era Indian muslims r concerned,they still r living in the world of illusion;some of them dream to revive"Mughal era" whereas their counter-parts r planing to conquer space.Indian muslims,after independenc became"puppets"in the hands of mullas,politicians&anti social elements.Most of them r orthodox & never apply logic&scientific approach to understand Queranic teachings;but vigourous followers of un-authentic AhaDith,stories & taletells which baffle their socio-economic progress.However,let me clairfy that Indian muslims r in far better position than those so-called "Islamic Nations' muslims.

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