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By:Khurram Kamran (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date: Saturday, 6 May 2017, 3:52 am

Dear Forum members, Salam to all!!!

I have two kids (Boy 8, Girl 2) now & looking forward to give my upcoming baby who is due in September to my elder brother who has been married for 20 years & has none. This is something i used to say when i wasn't married that if Allah gave me more than 2 kids you can adopt one of mine.

Now, since he is my real brother so the question of lineage or mahram doesn't arise here but he lives in the middle east & to avoid all the legal process here & there i decided to register my wife under his wife's name & put his name as the father of the child in the hospital. (Its possible here)

Did i commit "gunnah" by putting his wife's name as mother & his name as father even though my intentions were just to make things simple for my brothers family & instead of having affection of the new born we (me & my wife) asked them to take the child once he or she is born to their home (Here in Karachi) from the hospital.

Long story short, what is the Islamic perspective of doing this? & how old a kid should be when he or she is made aware of his/her real parents?

Thanks a lot!

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