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Re: Why blame religions?
By:Furqan Azmi
Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 5:19 am
In Response To: Why blame religions? (Qazi Abdullah, Paris)

No matter what you have written, seeing is believing, I live in Pakistan, so called Islamic state. I know what religion had done to this country. I can give thousand example, but just quote one, Killer of Salman Tasir, Governor of Punjab. History of Pakistan has never seen such a huge funeral procession, paying tribute to killer,cruelly rapacious person, in the name of religion. Now his Shrine is symbol of what religion has done to this nation. I know hundred of people will jump up and will quote Quran and saying of Prophet Mohammed, telling me how peaceful religion Islam is, but I will again say seeing is believing, I can't for get those faces chanting with joy, and dancing saying Islam Zindabad , Allah O Akabar, while inside church humanity was burning alive. Killing Ahmadies in there mosque, and Muslims were happy.
Furqan Azmi.
Karachi Pakistan.

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