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Kaukab must review his thoughts
By:Mukhtar Alam, Gilgit
Date: Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 5:40 am

Kaukab, You are functioning like a DONKEY here since you have not learned a single lesson over the last 7 years working with terrorists. muslims collectively are suffering due to your support for terrorism of all slaves of Abdul Wahab Najdi and Muawiya and Yazeed and those who disobeyed the Mowla Ali in post prophet age. Is not this clear from verse 4:59 obedience measurement of all. I had a huge fight this time with my brother in law who has become a victim of the thoughts of Abdul Wahab Najdi. With the usurpation of the identity of KHALIFATULLAH once more by AB Baghdadi, it is clear now how this happened in the past. Use your brain and find the reason for being reckoned by historians as one who stood with divinely chosen of the age.

Imam ast Hussain, Shah ast Hussain , Deen Panah ast Hussain, Sar Daad na Daad Dast by yazeed, Haqqa La Ilaha Illallah ast Hussain Noorun ala Noor...HAZIR wa Maujood... Sambhavani Yuge Yuge...Kauthar, AMRIT , AMBROSIA..for all soul..AKHAND Jyoti...

Stop misguiding youths. We have solid tradition of Ghadir Khum narration. Allah SwT has ensure rise of GREEN Imama movement long time back here in India. For few additional dollars, you are selling your soul. What is petty accursed man you are.

Muhammad Mukhtar Alam,Ph.D.

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Kaukab must review his thoughts
Mukhtar Alam, Gilgit -- Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 5:40 am