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Who murdered Imam Hussein?
By:Dr. Aslam Abdullah, CA
Date: Friday, 3 February 2017, 1:01 pm

Who murdered Imam Hussein? Shiite sources say the Shiites did.

Salam Alaikum,

I just want to clarify that I have nothing to do with the assassination of Imam Hussein directly or indirectly. I am sure that Allah would have known the plot and the assassins. If he wanted, he could have stopped the murder. All questions should be directed to him or His agents occupying the masajid and other Islamic institutions about the divine decision of non intervention. I cannot be held responsible for the divine non intervention. Allah is the one who wants us to believe that He is the one who gives life and takes it away. If this principle is seriously believed that in every death, Allah has his hand the same way as in every birth he has his hand.

If anyone wants to prosecute God for this negligence or prosecute his deputies, he or she can contact the International Court of Justice and issue notices. Since God is invisible, his agents could be summoned in the court from all over the world. This would be a class suit.
However, before we do that, we must also bring to the court those who were accused of killing Jesus, the one who is described his beloved sondson of his beloved prophet.On both occasions, God did not come to the rescue of either his described son or the gransdson.

I hope that would put the matter straight.


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