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Dangerous Hadithi Jummah Khutbas
By:Iftekhar Hai, CA
Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2017, 4:37 pm

Attending the Jummah Khutba is sometimes intellectually challenging when really well researched information is passed on. Rational, pragmatic and logical reasoning plays a very important role in motivating young Muslims in the Bay Area.

I attended one kuthab which took the floor out of me. Here is what happened. You tell me and all where should we go.

Imam in his most earnest and sincere tone reminded the worshippers that Muslims are on the losing side because they have not been following the ways of our Prophet. Muslims do not follow the Hadiths. He related the following Hadith:

Muslims were not victorious over Kafirs in battlefield after making numerous attempts to defeat them. The ulemas got together and came up with the conclusion that Muslims have not been following Hadiths. There is something they are doing wrong that Allah is not giving them victory over Kafirs.

The Hadith of "using Miswak" (traditional tooth brush used in the days of Prophet) to clean their mouth was not followed.

Ulemas strongly commanded the soldiers to use "Miswak" and go to fight. They did and they got victory over Kafir.

My close relative who lives in India and is Aleema also related this same Hadith to me as TRUE. She learns from the books supplied by Jamaat-e.Islami

Conclusion: Imam said: Muslims will never be victorious if they leave the Hadiths. Imam further extolled the gathering to join the Jamaat and learn Hadiths in order to be successful in this life and also in the HereAfter. After the prayers in an informal gathering Imam was asked, Why is it that USA, China and other non-Islamic nations are so victorious in wars in the 21st century over Muslims. The Imam explained, "This duniya is made for the Kafirs, Muslims are promised Hereafter. Muslims are going through test. Kafirs will have nothing in the Hereafter.

I have shortened this message leaving "dramatization" of the Imam's total kutabah.

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