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Re: Religion was invented
By:Ali Syed New Jersey
Date: Saturday, 21 January 2017, 5:33 pm
In Response To: Religion was invented (Jamyz T, CT)

Supreme Power the God almighty has enforced his laws in nature which is controlling all creatures in Universe. Among all living creation mankind is the best creation blessed with extra ordinary commonsense and wisdom. There are millions and millions who have forfeited the two blessed qualities and believing in absurdities.

No man has ever made any thing with out purpose. Why God Almighty would create some thing with out purpose. I fully agree with highly learned people that God has created this beautiful planet Earth for us to enjoy every moment of life with positive attitude. Every human being has basic instinct to distinguish and identify the right and Wrong. Till they had no messages from God Almighty people started living their life according to their desires but the result were disastrous.

Finally God Almighty directed his Warner and Prophets with his messages to guide people to follow the righteous path by loving. respect and helping each other. Turn the world into a real paradise.
Till those Prophets were alive the followers were following the directives. Once the Prophets completed their life journey and departed from this world the followers brought changes in messages polluted the long lasting Holy scripture. The old religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity were indeed from God Almighty but later followers brought changes and turn the complete system (Deen) into religion as such those books do not stand on logic and science.

!400 years ago God Almighty sent his final messages through Prophet Mohammad (S) which is well documented in form of book Al-Quran. The name of system is called Islam Deen a complete constitution as how to spend life journey while living on face of earth. The followers are called Muslims. Muslims were suppose to lead the entire world but this is most unfortunate that Muslims all over the world not following a single word of Quran.

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