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Re: Unseen غيب
By:Sidqi, ca
Date: Saturday, 21 January 2017, 7:05 am
In Response To: Unseen غيب (Afifa nk, Pakistan )

In year 1917 there were things unseen but not any more. LIke hundreds of a boeing 747 in the air or a super computer in kids hands called Cell phone.
Now in 2017 there are few unseen but wont be in 2117.

Man's wisdom will never stop even if world is finished, he will make a new one and start again.
I believe nothing is or will be unseen, its just matter of time, it was declration of Allah that man knows every things and there wont be any end of intelligence.

32:9 (Then emergent evolution took place that distinguished humans from the animal kingdom.) He shapes him in accordance with what he is meant to be, and breathes into him of His Energy. And thus (O Mankind) He gives you the faculties of hearing, sight, reasoning and feelings. Yet, how seldom are you grateful by making the best use of your perceptual and conceptual faculties! [Af’idah = Minds = Intellect = Faculty of reasoning including feelings. 17:36, 45:23, 46:26]

The energy in human is divine.

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