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How naïve are Muslims?
By:Badar Kanwar
Date: Friday, 13 January 2017, 5:54 pm

Muslims have chosen name of their religion as Islam. They naively keep claiming it’s meaning is “a religion of peace”. Let us check, if their claim stand scrutiny of reason by analyzing this word using rules of the language?

Arabic language words 80-85% are based upon three letter root. Furthermore, words are derived by molding these three letter roots into pre-defined measures. These measures have their own meanings which are added to root meanings. This becomes the resultant derived word’s meanings

Explained another way, this word derivation is very mathematical. Just like formula 1+ 1 = 2

Now let us analyze word Islam إسْلَامٌ with this background knowledge 101 of the Language.

إسْلَامٌ its root is س ل م

إسْلَامٌ its measure is إفْعَالٌ

س ل م As a root means, “he became free from vices”.

إفْعَالٌ As a deriving measure means and thereby add following meanings to the root “To flee from or runway”.

Based upon the formula described as above,

إسْلَامٌ means "departure from beingvice free”.

The real question is why the hell this name? More importantly why to follow such a religion?

My polite challenge to all is to prove above wrong linguistically.


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