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By:Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan
Date: Monday, 2 January 2017, 11:35 pm

We should all play a positive role to make our Masajid Imams preach Quranic knowledge/Mohekmath (3:7) on all matters of life with solution to problems mentioned in the Quran. As for Hadiths so commonly quoted and exploited, they should only project such Sahih Hadiths which are according to Quran only as Allah's Words are neither changeable nor amendable as per Quran. There is no concept of HIFZ/memoriation of Quran as this is a Desi invention by our Moulvi community to keep us religiously backward. Islam is a universal Deen not Mazhab only as to corner it to Puja Pat only.

.........The Arabic Quran is basically meant for the then deviated/Kafir Arabic people to embrace Islam after reading, understanding and following Allah's Guidance/Mohekmath (3:7) in their own language as Islam is a complete Deen (5:6). Just read the Quranic verses: 12:2/19:97/41:2-3,44/42:7/43:3 to understand this very important point.

.........But our Maulana community to keep us religiously backward and to impose their religious domination as our Pope and Bishops, Gurus and Pandits, Monks etc. force us to recite, read and make Hifz of Quran without understanding. Otherwise we should learn Arabic to read and understand the Quran which is difficult. They deliberately project wrongly that since Allah sent the Quran in Arabic, hence we should learn Arabic to read and understand the Quran to please Allah.

.........They wrongly think that Allah is Arabic knowing only and avoid to mention that the three previous Holy Books of Allah: Torah, Psalms and Bible were bestowed in the then languages of the time not in Arabic. There is no mention in the Holy Quran that we should pray Namaz in Arabic only and make a long Dua in Arabic only which none of us understand.

......Actually in 1960s, an Imam of a big Masjid in Lahore started praying Namaz in Urdu as he told his followers that Allah being the Creator of the Universe, humans and non humans understands all languages, dialects, calls, actions, requests, Duas of sane and insane, sick and disabled, deaf and dumb persons etc.

..........Now coming to the main point below, all our Desi Masajid's Managements are requested in the name of Allah to avoid delay in Juma Namaz as Friday is not a holiday in the west. There should be One Azan through a recorded mike to save money for payment to Mauzin as done in Turkish Mosques in Canada. The Imam should give a short to the point speech/Khitab on Quranic Mohekmath on all matters of life along with only such Sahih Hadiths which are according to Quran only followed by one Arabic Qutba and the Juma Namaz should start immediately. Time is precious in the west. Some people loose their jobs also while some pray Duhr Namaz in their offices due to deliberate delay of Namamz in Masajid.

........Due to lack of Quranic knowledge and ignorance, every big Mulla try to lecture us on Islam with lot of bogus and fabricated to divide and rule us. There are hundreds of religious writers, research scholars, religious institutions, religious organizations, religious groups, parties headed by fat belly Mullas etc. to exploit and confuse us and make our religion as hard as possible. though Islam is an easy and clear Deen (5:15/6:105/19:97/24:18/27:1-2,79/54:17,32,40) with no hardness and compulsion (2:256/18:1/22:78). Islam is one religion but divided into sects (21:92-93) by our Mulla community.

.........For fund raising they should avoid playing with religious sentiments of the Desi Muslims lacking Quranic knowledge and falsely promising Jannah to donors without any authority. A simple and honest appeal is enough. Thanks.

Saeed Siddiq