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Current Ulema, The Worst Creatures?
By:shahalam, tx
Date: Wednesday, 21 December 2016, 5:18 pm


Muslims are cautioned to watch out for an era that is destined to befall them. The postulated realities in Hadith are more serious than worded in scriptures. "There would come upon my Ummah an era as had dawned on Bani Israel as to be identical as that of either of a pair of shoes." "In the days of mischievous turbulence, people will go to Ulemas for advice and guidance. What they confront, will appear to be like that of monkeys and swine." (Kanzul A'mal vol 4 P-280) Hazrat Ali (R.A) related having heard Mohammad SAW "There will come upon the people and age by when the name of Islam only will remain and Holy Quran will be left with its letters only. Their mosques will apparently remain occupied, but bereft of guidance. Their ULEMA will be the worst kind of creatures under the heaven. The mischievous disorder will take birth from there, and will counterweight on themselves." Mishqat. Kitabul Ilm report in Hadith is that the Muslims Ummah will split in to 73 sects, of which only one fortune would be heaven bound, as the rest, hell bound.