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Verse 2:259
By:Mohsin Naqvi, Bahamas
Date: Thursday, 24 November 2016, 3:35 pm

What is the spirit of Qur'an in this context?

People dying/disappearing and re-appearing alive and well and doing Allah's work?

Also read verse 2:259 which tells the story of prophet Uzayr who died on Allah's command then was brought back to life after a 100 years to review his perspective of life and death.

Thank you


Mohsin Naqvi

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Verse 2:259
Mohsin Naqvi, Bahamas -- Thursday, 24 November 2016, 3:35 pm
Re: Verse 2:259
Dr Shabbir, Florida -- Thursday, 24 November 2016, 3:41 pm