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Re: Quranic Islam
Date: Wednesday, 23 November 2016, 5:22 am
In Response To: Quranic Islam (Saeed Siddiq, Pakistan)

Imam Mehdi coming, Kana Dajjal and Hazrat Issa in heaven are docile matter on its own unless it turns into kinetic energy and cause spark.

Unfortunately, Quranic Islam can’t be freely lectured in Madrassas, but its time is coming. After General Zia, Pakistan itself became a giant Madrassa that oriented its people towards Moulvi line infusing them with religious intolerance. Silent Moulvis turned activist Moulvis. The problem reached its full potential when armed Jihadis marshaled the country and played havoc with the life of people including children. As Moulvi power widened society trembled until army intervened.

In a promising society, schools and seminaries are geared towards promoting values of integrity, tolerance and kindness towards each other. But madrassas in Pakistan did the opposite, fueling hate line among sects and communities.

There is no sect in Islam. But if people are so ignorant not to follow Islam and must live with their respective sects, the second way to curb sectarian hate and intolerance is to nurture a civilized mindset that admits that one’s own sect is not the only beauty and the best. There are other sects too equally dear in the eye of their beholders. Though faith doesn’t allow for such argument but Reason may reduce the ingrained prejudices, overriding faith.

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