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Mumtaz Bhutto's Rebuttal
By:Muhammad Rafi
Date: Monday, 5 November 2012, 5:15 pm

Mumtaz Bhutto’s rebuttal to President Asif Zardari

Business recorder
Friday, 26 October 2012 14:37

KARACHI: PML-N leader Mumtaz Ali Bhutto in a rebuttal to President Asif Ali Zardari on Friday said he like his father Nawab Nabi Bux Bhutto has several vehicles and not the two as he (President Zardari) mentioned while talking to Sindhi journalists in Islamabad.
“Zardari while talking to Sindhi journalists asked where from I got two Land Cruiser vehicles. In reply I wish to inform him that I imported one Land Cruiser from Dubai five years ago and the other vehicle, which is not a Land Cruiser but Toyota Prado, I purchased from Karachi even before that,” he said in a statement issued here. “For his information I wish to tell him that I also have a Mercedes 500 and seven other vehicles. My father Nawab Nabi Bux Khan Bhutto always had 15-16 vehicles.
In 1930 he imported a Packard car on special order from America which was adorned with gold and silver ornaments. Whenever he went to attend sessions of the legislative assembly in Delhi in that car, a huge throng would gather to admire it because of which the police requested him not to use that car during rush hours. “I can tell Zardari a lot more, but I do not consider him worthy of such honor,” Bhutto remarked.
Mumtaz Bhutto stated further that Zardari is also wrong to claim that the nationalists had opposed the steel mills and Port Qasim. “The Steel Mill was constructed while I was Chief Minister of Sindh and I built Port Qasim as Minister for Communications. Far from opposing either project, they were applauded as great achievements. If the nationalists do not say ‘Na Khapay’ to the compromising of Sindh’s vital interests then what should they say? It is Zardari who has raised slogans of ‘Khapay Khapay’.
PML-N leader said Zardari should tell nation where did the 6 billion rupees in his Swiss bank accounts (not to speak of 26 other foreign accounts) come from and where did he get the money to pay for Surrey Palace? He should also tell who is pilfering 8 billion rupees that are being looted every day according to NAB chairman? How has Zardari forgotten that before getting married and hiding behind the Bhutto name he did not even had money to put petrol in his car.
Mumtaz Bhutto also alleged that a case is registered against Zardari at Phabjo police station for robbing a branch of MCB at Chadasingh, Taluka Qazi Ahmed, District Nawabshah. PML-N leader said a convict in Surrey Palace and two Swiss cases is only disgracing himself further by hurling accusations against him.