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Re: Pentagon: Islam is the enemy
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 3:43 pm
In Response To: Re: Pentagon: Islam is the enemy (Mubashir, Canada)

Of course, they are ‘deeper’. When a nation becomes dead, all sorts of ‘deeper’ reasons pop up that conspire to kill the nation. You did not read my post carefully. I am not mourning the “colonization” of the “Muslim” lands, because Muslims, when they were militarily strong and powerful, did the same--- colonize every possible land they could lay their hands on; who would know that more than India, Spain, Turkey and Iran…so let’s not go there because that’s a can of worms.

One of my college teachers got his Ph.D in 1946 from Heidelberg when he was stuck in Germany. While leaving, he saw destruction of immense proportions everywhere in Munich. He visited Germany again for a postdoctoral training after 5 years—in 1951--and he said he saw no sign of any fallen building or debris in Munich. Everything was spick and span. My friend, the nations that are “alive” do not cry foul over others. They fall and they rise up. They roll up their sleeves and get to undo the damage. If Muslims have not recovered after so many decades of the demise of their colonization, then it is a reflection of their sad ‘dead-and-buried’ nature.
Dead nations always blame others for their own ills and character flaws. Pakistan has the worst record of violation of human rights, corruption index, and yet she always puts the blame on others—Jews, India, and the US. Pakistanis desperately need to take a long and hard look at their own backyard to see what kind of ugly, stinky weeds have been growing there for centuries now—treachery, disloyalty to homeland interests, sheer dependence on the Western help for survival, misuse of power and resources, and the curse of monarchies and age-old sheikdoms and ameerdoms. There is so much bad about the Muslim lands today that their residents should not have any time to grind their teeth about others---they should only be paying attention to the real causes of all of their own ills and the remarkable apathy and woeful lack of introspection in their very souls. Those nations that do not introspect, tend to blame others for their woes and problems. The real, vibrant nations never blame anyone but themselves when faced with social and economic malaise; they always look for solutions within their own selves. They do not whine—but seek to stand guard for themselves.

We, the Muslims in general, and Pakistanis in particular, need to take our head out of the deep sand and see the real world we are living in---the horrendous apathy and deplorable lack of self-realization will take us nowhere except into a dungeon of dark realities---colonization, occupation, drone attacks, CIA everywhere. Blame yourself for ALLOWING that to happen, not others. You get AIDS and other deadly diseases because your body become immunologically weak—can’t DEFEND itself. Wake up!


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