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Re: Pentagon: Islam is the enemy
By:Mubashir, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 2:52 pm
In Response To: Pentagon: Islam is the enemy (Wali Agha, Turkey)

Sure, if Dr Israr and Maudoodi say that as soon as Muslims get powerful enough they must conquer the rest of the world and give the conquered people a choice: Accept Islam or prepare to live like Zimmis or exile. Maudoodi even said their women captives be distributed as concubines among the Muslims.

If such kind of Islam is pushed and published on radical website, then what can be expected?

Here is a response by Br Irfan as well (From my archives):

"...Who disclosed this knowledge? This post following post fails to mention that it was a retired American army general who pointed out the baseless material about Islam being taught to the US military. It was in BBC new a few days ago. He also said that this course needs to be changed because of misinformation based on hatred. Be appreciative of the whistle-blower. A thankless nation can never thank anyone.


and again:

There are no enemies of Islam OUTSIDE of the “Muslim” world. There are enough enemies from WITHIN the body of so-called “Muslims”—corruption, dishonesty, false sense of pride, excessive and totally baseless whining about “they are killing us”, self-created abject poverty, horrendous greed, woeful lack of proper education about everything—including religion they claim to profess. Tell me, is there any ill that today’s “Muslims” are not inflicted with?

The Taliban and utterly frustrated Muslim extremists have so far killed a lot more of their own Muslim brothers and sisters than their so-called foreign enemies. Daily bomb blasts on market places, buses, schools, roads—you name it. The legendary Qur’an-illiterate stupid folks with big beards but no brains are the main reason the Western world have such a negative image of Islam. Of course the Western world would be scared if you tell them “We are coming” following the infamous Shafiee philosophy of “Dar ul-Islam” and the “Dar-ul-Harb”, and if you show them the “kill all the Jews—even those hiding behind trees and rocks” horror end-of-the-time scenarios. These kind of stupid, non-Qur’anic malicious ideas “Muslims” have hypocritically harbored would of course keep the West on their toes. So they are alert. Make no mistake about it. Correct your skewed behavior and things will click back in place in peace.


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