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Re: Opinion on Migration
By:jawaid ahmed,uk
Date: Tuesday, 15 May 2012, 7:40 am
In Response To: Opinion on Migration (Zuhaib Sabri, India)

The grass is not always greener on the other side. In many respects the West is far better than the rest of the world and I would rather live here than elsewhere. But they have gained their present status through exploitation, through colonialism and now through using 80% of the world’s resources, denying the vast majority of mankind from utilising these for themselves.

100:1 Oh, the panting galloping horses of the raiders.
100:2 Sparks of fire striking (with their gallops).
100:3 Charging, ambushing at dawn.
100:4 Therewith raising clouds of dust.
100:5 Storming into any community.
100:6 Indeed, man is so ungrateful to his Lord! [Robbing the fruit of others' labor]
100:7 And behold, he is a witness unto that.
100:8 And behold, in the love of wealth he is zealous. [102:1-2]
100:9 Does he not know that all hidden things will be dug out? [Intentions, secret actions and material things that were robbed, and the disintegrated forms will be resurrected]
100:10 And the secrets of the hearts will be laid bare? [Sadr = Chest = Breast = Heart]
100:11 (They will find out) on that Day that their Lord is Well-acquainted with them.

Does the Quran say run away from every adversity?

2:214 Or, do you expect to enter the Garden (or regain your lost Paradise) without facing challenges as came to those who passed before you? Hardship and adversity befell them, and so shaken were they that the Messenger and the believers with him, cried, “When will come the help of God?” Oh, indeed, (once the revolution gets going) God’s help is near.
[3:141, 9:16, 29:2, 33:10. Unity of mankind will not be easy to attain. The differences and prejudices of race, ethnicity, color, creed, wealth and nationalism will always be the barriers to surmount]
2:215 (A crucial step toward the establishment of this Zakaat Order will be the equitable distribution of wealth.) They ask you, (O Messenger) what they shall give. Say, “That which you give shall first go to parents, relatives, orphans, widows, and those who are left helpless or feel left out in the society, the poor, those whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their basic needs, those whose lives have stalled for any reason, and the disabled, the needy wayfarer, and the homeless son of the street.” And whatever good you do, then most certainly, God is well Aware of it.

Try to make a difference where you are. Why leave it to western charities, Christian groups etc to come into your countries and help people? When will we stop filling our bellies when our neighbours are empty? When will we stop fighting another because he does not believe in non-issues that I nonsensically believe in? When?

What happens to those who cannot make it out of the country?
Emigration is the last resort following persecution. When you have no other choice, then you should contemplate moving away ONCE you can do no more. Economic migration?!!

2:217 They ask you about fighting in any Month of Security. Say, “Fighting in the prescribed Months of Security is a great transgression. (2:194). However, repelling men from the Way of God, and rejecting His Command of peace in those Months and turning people away from the Masjid of Security and the Prescribed Way of Life, and evicting its people from there, are greater offenses in the Sight of God. Persecution is a crime far greater than killing.” They will not cease from fighting against you until they make you revert from your Way of Life, if they can. He among you who goes back from his Deen and dies in disbelief these are the ones whose works are rendered vain in this world and the Hereafter. These are the companions of Fire, to abide therein.
[Human personality is not static. It either progresses or retrogresses. Hell and Paradise are the logical consequences of the degree of development of the ‘self’. 5:54, 91:8]
2:218 Indeed, those who attain belief and those who take up the challenge (of emigrating) and strive in the Cause of God, it is they who can rightfully hope for the Grace of God. And indeed, God is Absolver of imperfections, Merciful.
[He looks at your effort and not the results. 2:132, 53:32, 53:39-40]

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