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Opinion on Migration
By:Zuhaib Sabri, India
Date: Monday, 14 May 2012, 8:03 pm

Salamun Alaikum

Dear All

A related question was posted my another friend in the Forum. But since the post was too long I think it got unanswered.

I0:9 Surely, those who choose to believe and work to increase the human potential, their Lord guides them by virtue of their conviction (that no good deed goes to waste) Rivers will flow beneath them in the Gardens of Delight.�
[A’maal Saaleh = Deeds that increase the individual and collective potential of a society = Helping people = Improving the environment = Fulfilling others’ needs = Contributing to the society = Correcting a deficiency]

4:97 As for those who wrong their own ‘self’ by not striving until the angels (the Laws of death) approach them, they are asked, “What kept you occupied?” They say, “We were weak and oppressed in the land.” The angels say, “Was not the earth of God spacious enough for you to migrate?” As for such, their habitation will be Hell, a miserable destination.

To make it short, I will try to come straight to the point.

I understand that there is no place on earth right now where problems are not there. Or better put, where System of Life is Quranic.

Since the system in countries like India is currently not as good as compared, do you think that if I can I should try to move to place like USA, or UK or Canada ? With the intention and purpose of being in a better system. A system in which people get more opportunities and ease to develop their potential (self) ? With the intention and aim to develop myself more and hence do better than what I could in HIS CAUSE ? Is it better there ?

I have heard Dear Asarulislam Syed Sir saying that living in California is like living in a place which Quran metaphorically calls Jannah. A place where the MAJOR problem of human is not how to fulfill the BASIC NEEDS like education, etc.

Kindly educate me about it.


Zuhaib Sabri

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